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Germany's White Forest - By John Dornberg 1 11 2018

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History of Todtmoos.Todtmoos owes its existence, according to legend, to an appearance by the Virgin Mary in 1255. Miraculous events and healings are said to have taken place, which made Todtmoos renowned well beyond its borders. Even in today’s hectic times, thousands of pilgrims make the journey to the pilgrimage church of“Our dear Lady”. Amidst unspoilt countryside Todtmoos provided serenity to those seeking rest.

Todtmoos - the Spa Town. With its13 individual parts, its picturesque centre, inviting shops, and beautiful surrounding scenery, Todtmoos has something to offer everyone from young to old, from activity lovers to shoppers and those who just want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty all around! Todtmoos’mildly bracing climate and clean air has made it a recognised spa resort. There are lots of hotels in Todtmoos which offer spa treatments to ensure you make the most of your holiday. Its setting is ideal in the middle of the Black Forest valleys and close to many tourist attractions, not only in Germany but also in France and Switzerland.

Experience ancient customs. Todtmoos has not lost its traditions or craftsmanship. Attend any of the events showing local customs, and you will understand the ways of living and working in times gone by. A great variety of cultural events,demonstrations,concerts as well as exhibitions will be available which are relevant to both the past and the present.

Food glorious food!. A piece of Black Forest ham – smoked over a sprucewood fire – with a slice of warm, fresh baked bread is just one of the traditional culinary delights you can savour.Local food is fresh and natural, from gateaux to fresh fish from the local stream, there's sure to be something new and delicious to try which is a Black Forest speciality.


Holiday at any time of the year. A carpet of flowers far into the distance, thick forests and valleys and hills, surround the small town of Todtmoos which offers a broad range of sporting, cultural and family-oriented activities all year round. Whether on foot, by bike, on horseback – enjoy the countryside, summer temperatures and the beauty
of nature.Winter is a real wonderland. Crystal-clear starry nights, a sharp frost, endless views,deep snow which glistens like diamonds in the sunlight, snow-covered trees, a landscape bathed in majestically cold whiteness,children with gleaming eyes and red noses, wrapped up warm in scarves and gloves, racing down the toboggan-runs, hikers crunching their way through the thick snow, snowboarders and skiers jumping high over the slopes, cross-countryskiers, people walking their dogs and watching the husky races in January - that is winter in Todtmoos!

Freiburg – Some reasons to visit as mentioned on Discover Germany TV channel in May 2009. (DW TV)

Cathedral Freiburger Münster

Freiburg is one of the sunniest cities in Germany. Anyone strolling through the carefully restored center might think they were by the Mediterranean rather than in Germany. And the high rate of sunshine has made possible innovations in the area of solar technology, for which Freiburg has been internationally renowned for years.

Visitors to Freiburg can expect to find inviting street cafés, bustling narrow lanes and a Mediterranean ambience. Although the city has 220,000 residents, making it the fourth largest in the state of Baden-Württemberg, it does not feel like a big city. Freiburg residents enjoy a lifestyle that is both quiet and enjoyable. The city center is very calm, thanks to a ban on cars introduced in the 1970s.

Historic ambience in the heart of the old town

The central cathedral square is a good place to begin exploring the old town. Freiburg Munster, or cathedral is the city's landmark. Work on the red sandstone building was started around 1200 and completed in 1513. Its 116 meter-high tower gives a magnificent view of the surrounding area. The cathedral is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Germany. The square is home to a weekday market offering works of art and regional produce.

Another attraction is the historic 16th century Kaufhaus on the cathedral square. The façade is decorated with figures of former Habsburg princes. The Habsburgs ruled Freiburg from the 14th to the beginning of the 19th century. And anyone wanting to combine dining with history should visit 'Zum Roten Bären' in the center. Built around 1120, visitors can still see the historic foundations in the wine cellar and enjoy fine regional dishes made from local ingredients.

The university of Freiburg is the second oldest in Germany and has been among Germany's top universities since 2007.

Recommended – three tips for a trip to Freiburg
Alixe Winter in the wine store 'Alte Wache' in FreiburgFreiburg is also known for local wine, and Alixe Winter knows all about wine. The manager of an association of wine growers, she takes us on a tour of her favorite places in Freiburg.

Alixe Winter works in the 'Alte Wache' in the heart of Freiburg, right on the cathedral square. As the company's business manager, she represents 30 winegrowers in Baden who have formed an association. Alixe Winter comes from a wine-growing family in Kaiserstuhl, one of Germany's best known wine regions, and was once crowned Baden's wine queen. She has chosen to live in Freiburg and says it could be called the secret capital of Baden wine. But the city is also known for its lifestyle and culture, which makes it an ideal place to work and live.

A trip to the countryside - in the heart of the city

Alixe Winter's first suggestion takes us to the banks of the Dreisam. The river flows right through the city and feeds the famous streams that flow throughout the old city. One of her favourite walks, it takes us past the "Dreisam Ufercafé", a good place to relax at any time of year.

Rendezvous with Baden's cuisine

Visitors to the gourmet restaurant in the Colombi luxury hotel can enjoy gourmet cuisine in three differently furnished rooms. Award-winning chef Alfred Klink is one of Germany's top chefs and been working at the Colombi for almost 30 years. Alixe Winter recommends the nostalgic Hans Thoma parlor, with its late 18th century farmhouse furnishings.

Panoramic views with a historic backdrop

Alixe Winter's third recommendation for a visit to Freiburg is the Jesuitenschloss in Merzhausen, just two kilometers from the city center. She tells us that she loves the bird's eye view of Freiburg up here, the landscape from the Black Forest to the Voges mountains, with views over Breisgau, the Tuniberg and as far as the Kaiserstuhl.

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